Motional Film


SAT103 2010

Motional Film, former SAT103, works with everything in post-production. We always look forward to new jobs. Especially with all the knowledge and experience the companies have.




Sebastian A.T. (Sebastian Taheri) works as a producer in Motional Film. He studied at Media College Denmark in Viborg in 2006-2011. He worked as a FTP Student in 5 years at FMC

He developed a lot both in professional and personal ways.

To the right is a presentation video for FMC in Danish and English.


Work Experience

Besides Sebastian Taheris work as a producer in Motional Film, he has also worked for several Danish Broadcasting Corporations such as TV 2, DR1, SBS Discovery Media, East Production, FMC, BBH, HHF etc.


COP 15 2010

Live Studio Photographer to the American TV station Democracy Now, Swedish TV station SV1 and Norwegian TV station TV2 Norway

ENG Photographer and Technician for Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR1

Sound Engineer at an interview with the President of the United States, Barack Obama. That was a pleasure!


Other Experience

SBS Discovery Media Channel 4, 5, 6 and 7

Several company portraits

A lot of Short Films

Many music videos

Different work for the Danish Government

Doing graphic for DAVICII